Ventilführungen der Schweizer Präzisions-Motorenteile aus Grauguss und Messing

Valve guides

Drehstäbe in zwei Abmessungen der Schweizer GmbH

Steering components

Zwei Ausführungen von Turboladerteilen der Schweizer GmbH

Turbocharger components

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Engine components

Valve guides are the main focus of our engine component production, here we work to our customerís specifications and requirements.

We manufacture valve guides with rough and finished bores up to a length of 200 mm from grey cast iron in various compositions. In addition, we produce valve guides made of various copper alloys such as CuZn40Al2, Kuprodur or Thermo-Hedul FS and E as well as from sintered metal.

The production stages in detail

Steering components

Our steering component programme covers products made of grey cast iron as well as steel. Valve bushings for example are manufactured from grey cast iron, whilst torsion bars, flexural bar and PCF torsion bars are made of steel, for example 51CrV4. Our steering components are used in power steering systems.

In the production of our steering components, we employ modern manufacturing technologies such as cold forming and laser welding.

Turbocharger components

We mass-produce components for exhaust turbochargers from special high temperature materials.